Bayonetta hands-on.


I am so very leet… the demo isn’t available in the US, but I created a Japanese PSN account to get it.  I’m otakukamoko, friend me if you’re downloading some Japanese demo too.

Voiceover is in English, but of course most of the text is Japanese. I am amazed at how much English there is though (boss names, continue screen, many other things). There is a tutorial, where I learned that one button makes her shoot guns with both hands, and another button makes her do a handstand and shoot guns with both feet.

The game does remind me a lot of Devil May Cry. It’s a button-masher, but not like SoulCalibur. In the latter game, I could sometimes even beat a player who knew what he was doing by flailing away uncontrollably. Bayonetta is a step up and I will have to pay attention to what I’m doing. It might also help when the numerous screens that pop up with text during battles are readable to me.

Of course, there are lots of distracting things to watch while you’re mashing buttons. Oh my God, the way she walks. Imagine a runway model in 8-inch heels really trying to put a swing in her backyard. Way over the top (all this game is way over the top, actually).

Near the end of a boss fight, her hair makes a big toothy hair monster that munches down on the boss. Of course, at this time, Bayonetta is wearing only two wisps of circling hair, since her hair is her outfit. I continue to feel like an idiot when I try to explain what happens in this game.

I’m reserving my final opinion until I can read the text and find out if it’s really within my skill level (which admittedly ain’t too good). I’m stuck fighting the red-clad enemy witch right now, she’s a tough one. But I’ll keep going and I have to say that basically this is everything I thought it would be. Crazy sexy fun.


2 Responses to Bayonetta hands-on.

  1. Jason says:

    Text? What text?

    (And I bet you read Playboy for the articles.)

  2. If you missed this on Wizards site…

    Bayonetta Art Contest

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