ESPN is like Fox News.

imagesOn Monday, ESPN ran an article called “As Bad As It Gets?” for the 1-4 Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders. You might be thinking right now, “Actually, it could be worse,” and you’d be correct. There were four teams at 0-5 when that article ran.

Unfortunately, the teams in Flyover Country don’t exist for ESPN. The mantra for ESPN is Boston, New York, Callifornia. Not only do other teams and cities and fans not matter, for ESPN THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST. Any 60-minute ESPN broadcast will be 30 minutes of Boston, New York, and California, and 30 minutes to cover the rest of the country.

During Chris “I can’t stand him anymore” Berman’s Fastest Three Minutes last night, he spent about two minutes on Columbus Day. Nobody west of Philadelphia gives a rat’s ass about Columbus Day. Then he railed on the Broncos’ hideous throwback jerseys and said, “And the Patriots, well they looked like the Patriots.” In their all white pajamas with Pat Patriot on the helmet, the stupidest team logo in all sports. Really, a picture of a football player on a football helmet? Ridiculous.

Then later in the ESPN coverage of last night’s game (thank Beantown that at least one team was from New York, or they wouldn’t have been there) Berman announces a poll on the ESPN website: Which 3-2 team will have the best record at season end? WHO GIVES A CRAP? Why are we talking about 3-2 teams? Oh yeah, this is a poll engineered so that the fastly fading Patriots can win. Let’s don’t talk about 5-0 teams or teams leading their divisions. Let’s find a way to say more about the teams we like.

In the final analysis, ESPN is as fair and balanced as Fox News. Which is to say, not at all.


2 Responses to ESPN is like Fox News.

  1. Jason says:

    Nah, ESPN won’t be Fox News until they insist that not rooting for the Yankees is un-American and that if we don’t, terrorists will come to our homes and kill us.

  2. Red Hedgehog says:

    ESPN wants ratings. Thus, they devote more coverage to teams that have more fans. It really annoys me how much press the New York teams get no matter what their other qualifications might be. They also seem way too focused on gossip and hearing themselves talk than actual sports reporting.

    All that said, I haven’t noticed any significant bias in their reporting.

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