Height issues.

Why is Mickey, a mouse, as tall as Donald, a duck? Why is Goofy taller than both of them? Especially when Pluto is so short?



2 Responses to Height issues.

  1. Darrell says:

    Mickey is short to help support his role as the Everyman. It makes him more accessible and sympathetic; it’s easier for the audience to identify with a small, unassuming guy who’s just trying to get along in the world.

    Donald is short because he is Mickey’s other half; their sizes should mirror each other.

    Goofy is just a freak. The less said about him, the better.

    …And now we’ve both thought more about the subject than anyone at Disney ever has.

  2. Shocho says:

    This is why, in the Star Tours series of action figures, Goofy is Darth Vader. All has now become clear.

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