Peyton Manning… best ever.

peyton-manning-orchestratesI’ve seen more than one article lately that says that Peyton Manning will be the best quarterback ever when he retires. Maybe before he retires. He’s on the verge of breaking lots of long-standing quarterback records.

I know it’s absolutely fascinating to watch him work. The system the Colts use has not changed even with a head coaching change. His offensive coordinator admits that he just sends in suggestions and then Peyton calls all the plays.

Peyton is a master of audibles and deception, and his accuracy is phenomenal. He does everything so very well that he makes it look easy. He makes superstars of his receivers (not the other way around).

I’ve spent hours watching some of the greats like Staubach, Marino, Montana, Aikman, and Warner, and I believe that Manning is in a class by himself.


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