SoulCalibur IV and me.

Sc4-premium-caseHere’s what I learned about SoulCalibur IV today.

  • I finally figured out how the skill points work! It’s based on your equipment.
  • The Brady Guide for this game is nearly illegible. Art Director FAIL.
  • Ivy and Kilik are still my old faves and standbys.
  • New faves include Shura (twin katanas), Setsuka (umbrella iaijutsu), and Seong Mi-Na (polearm; in her story mode, when she fights Kilik, he says, “You stole that move from me!”)
  • Seong is the only female character I like that has human sized breasts (there are a few). “Tell me your premises,” says Ayn Rand. I’m saying sometimes a cigar is a cigar.
  • I’ve made customized versions of four of those characters (all except Shura cause she’s a bonus character).
  • Buying new weapons and maximizing your skills is fun and really helps in the single player modes.
  • Ivy is the daughter of Cervantes. (Egad! There is story!)
  • I’ve unlocked every character except The Apprentice, because you have to beat Arcade mode with Vader to get him.
  • Ashtaroth is the bitch I can’t get past at level 5 of arcade mode (there are 8 levels). I hate him so.
  • Voldo is still really fucked up in game IV. He’s not hard, he’s just fucked up. Weirds me out.
  • I tried the Tower of Souls, but I can’t get past level 11 (there are 60). I suck at this game, when it comes right down to it.
  • I don’t know where my Soul Gauge is or what it does. I do know that when the other guy blinks red you can press all four buttons and kill him with style. Which I think is related to having an empty Soul Gauge.
  • I still don’t know what it means when you get a new Style Level for a character. That guide sucks.
  • I made a custom character from scratch! Pretty damned cool, and you get to name her too. I could be imagining things, but it looks like you get boosted stats doing it this way.
  • SoulCalibur is still fun for pore ol button mashers like me.

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