I bet I’ve played more Lego Rock Band than you have.

Here are my beginner’s tips:

  1. Watch the opening video. Of course. It’s awesome!
  2. Play We Will Rock You on free play to check your calibration first. Mine was just fine. Maybe it loads from your RB2 prefs, I dunno. And you really want to play We Will Rock You first, don’t you? You get to see brick Brian and brick Freddie rockin’ out.
  3. They keep talking about a Manager for the band, but you can’t hire one in the office. Go get some stars, you lazy plastic thing, you.
  4. There is an amazing assortment of easy levels to play the game including… get this.. AUTOMATIC KICK PEDAL for the drummer! Everybody is a star, baby.
  5. Generally speaking (salute), it’s a lot like RB2. But with Legos, of course. All your downloaded songs are available for free play or playlists.
  6. You may be jaded like me and think there’s nothing else cool about Rock Band, but Lego Rock Band will PROVE YOU WRONG!

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