Today’s gaming update.

Bayonettaps3I explored a few more games and demos, including:

  1. Bladestorm: Hundred Years War (not as much fun as Dynasty Warriors, but kudos to Koei for trying something different)
  2. Facesmasher (eh, boxing, sort of, deleted)
  3. Age of Booty (yeah, okay, deleted)
  4. Noby Noby Boy (if you delete a game, do you keep its trophies? I think the answer is yes)
  5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (I had fun until it turned into a platformer, then I was done)
  6. Bayonetta: First Climax (it’s really called that… I defeated Jeanne, and that was the end of the demo; I still can’t wait for January 5th when I get this game)
  7. Mass Effect (spent a few hours playing this, and made a bad decision with one of the talky quest bits… I think I pissed off Ashley, and how do I get to the sex scene doing that? Not liking this as much as I thought I would, but then I hate the controls cause I’m an RPG/action player at heart).

In other news, Dr. Heimlich posted a fine review of Lego Rock Band here, in which he points out that you can’t see all your RB downloadables through the LRB lens, which I didn’t quite get. But he’s right. Furthermore, when I named my LRB band “Brickhouse,” I was astonished that no one else had picked that name… but of course, as the Good Doctor points out, there is no online play for LRB. I do wonder  if LRB is really worth $60, but I have to admit there are few things cooler than watching your bricky band chase away spirits to the tune of Ghostbusters. Perhaps this new kind of awesome cute interactive Lego content makes it all worthwhile. I shouldn’t bitch before I’ve even finished story mode.

I returned to SoulCalibur IV with my own newly-created character (named Chyler, of course) and tried the Arcade mode again. With her improved stats (no, not her Ivy-like bosoms, and yes, I did find the control for that when you make your own character [it’s called Muscularity, which is Japanese for Cup Size]) I got through level 6 and The Apprentice (that guy from Force Unleashed, who is really pissed at me for deleting the demo) totally pwned me. I gave Chyler a pirate hat and baggy pants to get more HP, and tried again. Again, I’m on level 7 and it’s The Apprentice. That’s when my quarter ran out. I still love SoulCalibur IV, even if I will never master all its various parts. BTW, I checked out the DLC for SCIV, and snore, but again, kudos for offering something.

Which brings to mind something I saw discussed in an article the other day… How the heck did we get all the way to SIXTY DOLLARS as the price point for a new console game? It’s insane. I used to figure if I got 1 hour for each dollar spent, I was in good shape, but hell, it takes a Final Fantasy type RPG to get you to 60 hours of content. (I know I sound like your Grandpa when he said, “I used to buy a loaf of bread for a nickel!” but you guys know what I’m talking about.)

Excuse me, Gran Turismo is calling…

3 Responses to Today’s gaming update.

  1. Tmac says:

    Not that I like $60 games but I think video games haven’t kept up against inflation like movies or books have.

    I love Mass Effect, one of my favorite games of all time.

  2. Shocho says:

    The MSRP for Lego Rock Band is actually $49.99, which means (a) every PS3 game does not cost $59.99, and (b) I don’t feel so bad about its shorter song list.

  3. Red Hedgehog says:

    Back in the Super Nintendo/Genesis days, games were anywhere from $30-$100. It was a crazy Wild West of video game prices.

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