The man who killed Chewbacca.

Vector_PrimeSure, we always thought it was R. A. Salvatore. Turns out he was just following orders.

Randy Stradley of Dark Horse Comics says he’s the one who first suggested that the character to die would be Chewie.

Kinda creepy to be at the table where they’re deciding which main character will die.


One Response to The man who killed Chewbacca.

  1. Tim says:

    I remember sitting on a Star Wars panel with Salvatore at Gen Con (don’t ask me how I was The Company rep that day – I think it conflicted with some of our OP), soon after the book was released… he got a lot of questions that day…

    Funny… to this day, whenever I see a book of his in the bookstore, “the man who killed Chewbacca” goes through my mind :-)

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