Terrorists don’t fight wars.

This morning I saw Ashcroft and Giuliani like specters of a Neocon nightmare I thought was over. They said that the prosecution of terrorism suspects under criminal law was a mistake. They said that this shows weakness in the War on Terror and that these suspects should be tried under military law.

Each time I hear the phrase “War on Terror” I think about our Revolutionary War with the British marching in their fine straight lines and our Colonists sniping away from behind trees with sharpshooters. In a war between the conventional and unconventional, the unconventional wins.

“War on Poverty.” “War on Drugs.” Americans like “War,” you can sell that easily. Wars are fought between two sides with similar methods. None of these “Wars” are fought that way, and it’s lying to call them that.

Terrorists don’t slap on their helmet and grab their rifle to fight their battles. They hide among women and children and use backpacks to kill civilians. If we’re fighting a War on Terror, we’re losing, because the terrorists don’t fight that way.

A specter was asked, “Doesn’t this set a good example for the world to show that we can prosecute these terrorists and find them guilty?” The answer was that they should be tried in a military court. Military law is conducted behind closed doors with no transparency to cover up the way they do business. A military trial would set a very bad example to the rest of the world.

Let’s tell the world what these terrorists did, in a court of law where everyone can see them.

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