That was a close one!

I’ve played hundreds of fantasy NFL games in various formats. I’m in a Yahoo league now and the game has fractional points. I thought, “Wow, somebody is going to win a really close game at some point with this system.”

In Monday’s NFL game between the Pats and Saints, I had NE’s Tom Brady at QB and NO’s Pierre Garcon at RB. My opponent, Joe Alread, was all done for the weekend. He had 74.58 points, that was what I had to beat. I was about 22 points down.

As the game progressed, the Saints came out like gangbusters in their home stadium and posted an early lead. Great! My QB’s team needed to throw to catch up and my RB’s team wanted to run the clock a little.

I watched my score climb by tiny increments, and finally I was within a half point. Wes Welker caught a 2 or 3 yard pass and the game was TIED at 74.58 points. The Saints had been switching RB’s all night, and Thomas didn’t play on their 3-and-out series.

Then the Pats got the ball, and Brady threw a pick. Minus points. I was down about half a point again. Saints started their series, no Thomas. It’s okay, there’s time left, the Pats will get the ball.

OH NO… behind 21 points with little time left, the Pats put in their backup QB! I didn’t even know his name! I’m in big trouble.

The Saints got the ball again, and Pierre Thomas is STILL not in the game! I go to the bathroom, sure I’m going to lose by half a point. Then I come back and Mike Bell, the other RB, came up gimpy and they put in Thomas for ONE PLAY. He got a couple of yards and I got what I needed!

Final score, 75.08 for me and 74.58 for him. I win by 0.42 points! Unbelievable! I’ve never seen a see-saw game that close in fantasy football before. It was really nerve-wracking!


One Response to That was a close one!

  1. Jason says:

    For the championship in our league in 2000, it was down to me and Kendrick and the last game of the week was a St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay Monday Nighter. We each had two players; I don’t remember who had who, but I think it was Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Warrick Dunn, and Shaun King. We went into the night with the score something like 55-52.

    Faulk: 132 total yards, 4 TDs
    Holt: 165, 1 TD
    Dunn: 198, 3 TDs
    King: 256 passing, 58 rushing, 2 TDs

    I was sorta keeping score as we went and it went back and forth all night. I lost 88-85. Insane.

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