Lego architecture.

Lego makes an awesome Architecture series. The Landmark series includes the John Hancock, Empire State Building, and Space Needle, relatively affordable at about $30. The Architect series includes the Guggenheim and Fallingwater, amazing stuff but over $100 each.

I’d love to have all of these, even though I don’t know where I’d put the big ones. (That’s what she said.) I am reminded of the time when I was a janitor for Sears and I built a model of Sears Tower with masking tape and tampon boxes. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that last bit.


One Response to Lego architecture.

  1. Bishop says:

    I’m in the same boat. I have a few choice Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets. They’re taking up room and I have no idea where to put them without taking them apart.

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