To tweet or not to tweet.

My on again, off again, on again, off again relationship with Twitter is on again. That’s right, I’ve deleted my account twice. I was driven away by mindless posts filled with indecipherable abbreviations.

Why am I back? I wanted to post my Facebook status updates to Twitter. Seemed appropriate. I found out after searching through Facebook apps that Facebook no longer allows this. So, let me get this straight, Facebook… you don’t want me to use your service to post what I had for breakfast this morning? Smart move.

I found out that you can post the other way; Twitter updates to your Facebook status. So, now I post status updates to Twitter, not Facebook. That’s right, Facebook, I don’t look at your ads as much as I used to. I also found a way to tweet my blog posts.

I’ve decided to do all that and also just be more selective about who I follow on Twitter. Many people do actually post in complete sentences about things that aren’t drivel. So, I think I’ll be enjoying Twitter in those few moments it’s not crushed by the Fail Whale.


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