World of Warcraft is a different game now.

This guy says that what Blizzard did when they added the Dungeon Finder to World of Warcraft (“a cross-realm looking for group option”) is the same kind of thing that SOE did when they instituted the NGE (“New Game Enhancements”) for Star Wars Galaxies. Which is to say, it’s a different kind of game than it used to be.

SOE changed SWG from an sandbox MMO to a theme park MMO. Blizzard with patch 3.3 just changed WOW from a theme park MMO to a multiplayer game. But where SOE failed Blizzard might just succeed.

Is it still an MMO when you don’t have to venture into the world at all to play? Has WoW become Club Penguin?


2 Responses to World of Warcraft is a different game now.

  1. Jason says:

    Maybe it’s a sport now.

  2. Kindralas says:

    The Dungeon Finder mechanic is possibly the best thing that Blizzard has ever done with that game. Rather than going through the massive hassle of finding people and getting them into a dungeon, you can now, at any time, through a couple of clicks, get to a dungeon and go.

    The concept of walking into the door of a dungeon is exciting and new once. After that, going out of your way to get there is just a pain in the ass.

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