Cleansing breath.

I have streamlined my Facebook account. I discovered that it’s super-duper easy to Become a Fan of something on Facebook and super-duper hard to Remove Me From Fans. I decided that I don’t need to fan Bonfires twice on two separate locations on Facebook, along with over 200 other silly things I clicked to say, “Hey I like this!” along with the four other people who clicked that link.

When you Become a Fan on Facebook, you’re really saying, “Yes, I’d love to get daily comments, status updates, and marketing spam from you!” While the majority of such links are just duds (47 people have unofficial David Bowie fan pages, and none of them produce any useful information), some are annoying like Coca-Cola (Are you refreshed today?)

Do I need to tell 300 million Facebook readers that I like Coke? Do my friends need to know that I like Buckaroo Banzai and get a chance to join with me? Maybe I’m not doing the social networking right, but I’m backing off from the Fan and Group pages on Facebook in a very big way.

I guess what I’m saying here is that if you Become a Fan of Not Killing Babies, and I don’t also Become a Fan, that doesn’t mean I like killing babies. It’s like those ribbons that say Support Our Troops. The implication somehow is that if you don’t have a ribbon, you Hate Our Troops, you heartless bastard. Some things go without saying. That doesn’t stop me from saying them, but you know what I mean.

I continue to move my own personal Eye of Sauron Target List from Facebook to Twitter. There are no ads on Twitter. I still read my Facebook friends through the glory that is TweetDeck, so do not despair.


One Response to Cleansing breath.

  1. Jason says:

    It took me about 0.02 nanoseconds to realize all that “fan” stuff was just a way for them to market their products to me. I’m not a fan of anything on Facebook apart from a few work-related items.

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