The game is afoot.

We like the early show. I mean the very first show of the day, usually on Saturday, where it’s cheaper and there’s nobody in the theater. Except that doesn’t work on Christmas Day. We strolled in rather late as usual and the place was packed. We could not find anywhere to sit except for the dreaded front row. These were the worst theater seats we’ve had in many years.

I must say that I have never read a book about Sherlock Holmes. My previous experience is the old Basil Rathbone movies and the Consulting Detective board game. Up to this point, I have disliked Holmes and found the portrayals of his character totally annoying.

However, Sherlock Holmes was delightful! Downey shined, but I think I’d pay right now to see him do Pollyanna, I love that guy. The music was awesome, all the actors were terrific, and I felt like nothing was overblown until the final scene in which things got a bit too silly, but that was okay.

Yes, it was designed to be a blockbuster, and yes, it was also the first in a new franchise, I get all that, and even despite those drawbacks (and the worst seats in the house), it was still thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.


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