Ferrari victory.

Ferrari Victory is the wonderful LEGO set I received from LWC for Christmas. The attention to detail in these models is absolutely astounding. I have a larger Ferrari F1 model from LEGO, but these two cars show an amazing awareness of the sport. If you’re an F1 fan, you’ll appreciate these touches.

  • The drivers have accurate helmets for Massa and Raikonnen. The faces are even different! Stickers for the front of the uniforms have their names.
  • The cars each have a single taillight, centered like on the real car.
  • The bottom of the cars is flat, except for a slightly lower part just below the driver that I’m sure was meant to represent the legality plank.
  • There’s a shroud that you have to remove to put the driver in, a recently-added safety feature in F1 cars.
  • Atop the air boxes are stickers with red and yellow IDs, to differentiate the drivers.
  • Two round grey pieces just in front of the cockpit I swear look to me like the coil dampers used on F1 cars. You can’t even see these when the model is finished!

All in all, I am thrilled with this LEGO set. It commemorates the years I spent watching and cheering for this team, these cars and these drivers. Bravo and kudos, LEGO designers! You guys are the best!


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