NFL teams should play to win.

The Colts rested their starters against the Jets and lost the game. Fans are upset about this decision, and so are other teams whose playoff picture rests in part on that game’s outcome.

Not playing to win is a disservice to the fans and the league. Furthermore, there is a kind of momentum that builds from game to game, not just within a game. Streaks are good for morale, and giving up on a game is the worst way to end one.

What if the Jets beat the Colts in the AFC Championship game… a game they couldn’t have gotten into if the Colts hadn’t given up on that regular season game?

How would I feel as a Colts fan if Manning got hurt in an “unimportant” game against the Jets? I think I would feel better than watching my team give up and take a week off. It’s a shameful choice by a group of professional athletes.


2 Responses to NFL teams should play to win.

  1. Kindralas says:

    I also don’t understand the accepted reasoning behind the decision. Everyone says things like “the Super Bowl matters more than the perfect season.” I don’t agree.

    If the Rams were headed toward perfection (hah), I would watch them specifically to see that pursuit toward perfection. Everyone knows the 1972 Dolphins, but can you tell me who won the Super Bowl in 1973? The perfect season gets you vastly greater amounts of fame as a team than just winning the Super Bowl.

    From a marketing and sales perspective, you get mounds more free press for attempting to go lossless, and people tune into your games more, either to see you win and go all the way, or hopefully see your one loss. You make more money than you would just making a Super Bowl run.

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