Sequels better than the originals?

I often assert that sequels are a bad idea, but it’s true that sometimes they are better than the original. That might be true in some cases because sequels are not bogged down with lengthy exposition that the first movie must have.

For example, Empire Strikes Back goes like a runaway locomotive because we already know the characters and it barrels through to a non-conclusion, thereby leaving out all the boring stuff.

Now that I look at my Top 100 Movies list, I discover I’m a damned liar anyway, since I have no less than seven sequels on that list.

I post this list with a question, since I’m not sure I agree with all the choices. The comments thread asserts that Aliens is better than Alien, but I disagree (as you can see on my Top 100 Movies list). Honestly, they are very different movies. The first movie is unlike all the rest of the franchise.

In other Top 100 news, I added Up to my list. Every time I watch it that movie gets better.


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