Maybe Undiebomber wasn’t trying to blow up the plane.

If the Undie Bomber (that guy with “explosives” in his Depends) was trying to blow up the plane, why didn’t he detonate the “bomb” in the bathroom? Reports say he had returned from the bathroom just before the fateful attempt to set himself on fire.

Here is a blog post about another blog post that asks this musical question:

I keep hearing this even described as a failed terrorist attack on an airplane.  But was it really?  I keep hearing about how the system failed, but did it really?  Think about it.  First, what is the major goal of terrorism?  It is not to bring down airplanes.  It is not to destroy the West.  It is, pure and simple, to create terror in people.  Why?  Because when people are afraid they overreact…

If the intent of al Qaeda in this latest instance was to bring down an airplane, then it failed.  But if its intent was to create fear and overreaction, then it succeeded  Personally, I think it was the latter.  It is quite possible (in fact I think probable) that the people who planned this event, and used the young man from Nigeria as a tool, were aware that due to security measures in place, there was no way they could actually get a bomb through that would actually work.  The detonation equipment needed would have been detected.  The same applies, by the way, to the shoe bomber…

When will we stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off every time the terrorists come up with another goofy plan? Perhaps we have something to learn from the stoic British stiff upper lip proffered during the bombings of London. Yes, I said it. Let us be inspired by the heroic acts of the British.


4 Responses to Maybe Undiebomber wasn’t trying to blow up the plane.

  1. Bpaul says:

    Wow, excellent catch sir!

  2. Kathy says:

    Specifically the British culture from the time period you noted, right? Because now they’re all about harassing innocent photographers, putting up CCTV cameras, and creating DNA databases. They’re as much or more paranoid than we are, which is saying something! I blame it on Tony Blair, even though he’s not the Prime Minister anymore.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of your post. I honestly think they’re trying to back the security lines up as far as possible and make air travel demoralizing and depressing. And if I was being REALLY paranoid, I would posit that a backed-up security line may be an idea target for terrorism, all of us just lined up and waiting and no one has screened anyone yet.

  3. George Haberberger says:

    “When will we stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off every time the terrorists come up with another goofy plan? ”

    The terrorists had a plan 9 years ago that wasn’t goofy so everything will be colored by that. Besides, if you think that the failed plans we know about are the only ones that have existed you’re being naivé

  4. George Haberberger says:

    And another thing: Andrew Sullivan’s reader postulates that al Qaeda knew that they couldn’t get working bomb material through security because it would be detected so they just set this guy up to make a “failed” attempt which would make us over-react and was the real goal.

    That’s ridiculous. How could al Qaeda be confident that _any_ material would get through security? I had a larger-than-3 oz can of shaving cream confiscated the last time I flew and that certainly wasn’t hidden in my underwear. The undiebomber’s liquids, lethal or not, should be been detected at checkin.

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