Why I love The Onion.

There’s a special kind of American humor that can’t be found everywhere. It’s outrageous and irreverent and foul-mouted. We used to get it from the ORIGINAL Saturday Night Live cast. The primary supplier was National Lampoon for many years, and I’m talking about the magazine and radio show here. Now, that humor is found in The Onion, the online and print newspaper that delivers the goods. Recent examples (click through for the pics):
Nation’s Nipples Severely Under-Clamped, U.S. Bureau Of Masochism Reports
“The vast majority of U.S. citizens are just not receiving the physical punishment they deserve,” said Masochism Bureau director Geoff Knowlton, who was permitted by his mistress, Alexandria, to meet with reporters despite being unfit for anything but groveling at her boot heels. “Unless something is done—whether with a riding crop, a stiff wooden paddle, or a series of humiliating commands to bark like a dog—this problem will only get worse.”
Everyone At Hospital Already Hates Wes Welker
As of press time, Welker had not made a single friend at Massachusetts General. Although the wideout’s attitude has been celebrated by sportswriters and fans alike as scrappy and overachieving, hospital personnel have described him as “exhausting,” “intolerable,” and “the most infuriating little cocksucker ever to walk God’s green earth.”
Clint Eastwood Continues Desperate, 40-Year Attempt To Win Over Unimpressed Man
“Nothing I do is ever good enough for Daryl,” the exasperated cinema icon told reporters. “I mean, why can’t Daryl once—just once—say that he enjoyed a movie of mine? Would it kill him to say that?”


3 Responses to Why I love The Onion.

  1. Bpaul says:

    Why my blog has the TGTLO Tag (you got to love the Onion). For years we got it in print delivered to the house (at considerable cost), because it was just so good. Those copies recirculated through no less than 2 other households before they basically fell apart.

    Excellent stuff.


  2. FKL says:

    Great stuff on that site. Been loving it for years.

  3. Jason says:

    I love the Wes Welker one.

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