Best and worst identities of 2009.

This is a terrific show of before-and-after images of corporate brand logos and “wordmarks” (hey, I learned a new word, and I like it) from that last year that seems so long ago now.

The one above was my favorite for “most improved.” You have to read the discussion to see what this company does, and the new logo is so much better for them. I find the “floret” (I learned another new word!) of M’s to be fascinating, personally. I am the product of my life and times.

The discussion snippets included are fascinating as well. You have to love a guy who makes a list and for his #1 best he selects a comment that includes the phrase, “It is shit.”

There were some dead-ringers for each category and some that required a little more self-deliberation acknowledging that some identities were left off the list. And just as well, I know my selections may incite some disagreements, which are more than welcome as we bring this year to a close.


One Response to Best and worst identities of 2009.

  1. Kindralas says:

    While I could talk about the logos, I won’t, because I’m going to expound on Guitar Hero some.

    That Guitar Hero redesign is awful, for a lot of the reasons stated in the article. Guitar Hero, initially, was obviously produced by people in love with their subject matter. The track listings of Guitar Heroes 1 and 2 are evidence of that, that their goal was not just to make money, but to further a love of the music the games contained.

    Guitar Hero 3 came out and it was evident that Activision just wants to make money. My friends think I’m crazy, but the follow-ups have been about milking a cash cow more than producing quality work. The logo seems to reinforce that. Rather than maintaining a bit of the artistic edge, they refined it, smoothed out the edges, when the edges in the originals made the game.

    The logo, like the franchise itself now, gives me the impression of a politician using jive talk to seem hip.

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