We have Arabic numerals for a reason.

Roman numerals are stupid. People tend to pick the ones they like, like MMX, and forget the ones they don’t like, such as MCMXCIX. This is why software marketers like to go from version 9 to version X, and when they get to version XVIII they wish they hadn’t. Roman numerals are stupid, and that’s why we don’t use them any more.

Binary base-two numbers are used by computers, because computers are not as smart as people. When all you can understand is whether UNIVAC’s light bulb #654 is on or off, you count in binary. Binary is not for humans, who are much smarter than that. “Binary dates” are something for computer AIs to keep track of and make jokes about, not human beings. Binary numbers are stupid, and that’s why computers use them and not humans.

Arabic numerals and base ten are awesome sauce. Look at your fingers and toes. GOD MEANT FOR YOU TO COUNT TO TEN. Use them. Embrace them. Someday they may get pissed off when you number a Super Bowl without using them and go away, leaving you to figure out how to do calculus with Roman numerals.


One Response to We have Arabic numerals for a reason.

  1. Kindralas says:

    Alternate counting methods are pure pretense. Think of all the people who have that idiotic “there are 10 people in the world” quote in their signatures. I will admit to having smirked the first time I read that. I’m pretty sure it was on a BBS in 1994. 16 years later, that joke is not funny. It wasn’t really funny to begin with.

    But, there is a side effect to this that I think is somewhat hilarious.

    Invariably, when someone hasn’t seen this particular quote before, someone responds with “that’s only two people,” to which the binary guy feels vindicated and smart that he has finally met someone who didn’t get it.

    But if communication is inherently around to get your point across, who here isn’t getting it?

    As an xkcd comic so artfully pointed out via stick-figure dismemberment, deliberately obfuscating what you mean and then pointing out when others don’t get it doesn’t make you clever, it makes you a douchebag.

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