Professional athletes are video gamers too.

I watched this play by Brandon Stokely, running along the goal line to use up time. I thought that was a real heads-up thing to do. He says it was based on his video game experience.

When I caught up with Stokley by telephone a few weeks later, I asked him point-blank: “Is that something out of a videogame?” “It definitely is,” Stokley said. “I think everybody who’s played those games has done that” — run around the field for a while at the end of the game to shave a few precious seconds off the clock. Stokley said he had performed that maneuver in a videogame “probably hundreds of times” before doing it in a real NFL game. “I don’t know if subconsciously it made me do it or not,” he said.

Reminds me of Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver, in his first season, when asked about a track he’d never driven on, even in lesser formulas: “Well, I’ve done the Playstation.” Reportedly some of the NASCAR guys use video games to learn tracks as well.

Yay gaming!


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