Video game art is like fine art… in reverse.

In case you weren’t aware, most artists that paint things that don’t look like real things didn’t start out that way. The usual path is to paint from life, and then later develop abstractions. Picasso, for example, used to paint figures that looked like folks you know. Later in his career, things got cubist.

This here fella muses that video game art is taking the opposite path. He was at a Guggenheim exhibit of early 20th century painter Vasily Kandinsky.

On the lowest level, at Kandinsky’s earliest work, I saw the closest things in the exhibition to a Gears of War or God of War.

At the top of my spiral journey, I saw Pac-Mans and Centipedes.

Is there a place in modern video games for an abstract art treatment? Or will every publisher continue to pander to the general public’s desire for realism?


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