Let me Google that for you.

I’m gonna tell you about a funny website. I think it’s funny, anyway. If I’ve sent you a link from this website, maybe you don’t think it’s so funny. Maybe you think I’m an asshole. In my own defense, it was Radioman Mkae who told me about this. So blame him.

Here’s the scenario: Somebody asks a question without realizing that we have, at our fingertips, the greatest source of information in the history of mankind. You know, that internet thing. So you think to yourself, “Is there a way to remind this person how Google works and act like an asshole at the same time?”

The answer is YES! The website is called “Let me Google that for you,” and if you can remember the name, the URL is just “lmgtfy.com” so that makes it easy to find.

Let’s say Bob asks, “What is the capital city of Swaziland?” You COULD just look it up on Google and tell him. But it’s much better to go to lmgtfy.com, type in that question, and then send him this: “Hey Bob! This link should help!” http://tinyurl.com/ycl8eto (always use the tiny URL button there so they don’t know what you’re doing, ha ha). Then it makes him feel like he’s been had, he thinks you’re an asshole, and everybody is happy.

Jeez, doesn’t everybody know the capital city of Swaziland just off the top of their heads?


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