Here is a Flickr photostream of signs made by people who work  for some small cable news network or other. These people don’t seem to be able to spell very well. The owner of the Flickr stream calls this interesting patois “Teabonics.” I have a couple of theories to explain this peculiar phenomenon.

  1. When you get really, really angry, you lose the ability to spell.
  2. In an effort to make their rallies appear “quaint,” the organizers disallow any sign that has proper spelling.
  3. Fact-checking is not high on the agendas of these people.
  4. Spelling correctly is socialism. (Excuse me, “SOCILISM.”)
  5. These people are not very intelligent.

In response to the oft-heard peculiar request to see somebody or other’s birth certificate, I would respond, “May I please see a report card that includes your grades in spelling?”

Remember kids: Blind, ignorant white-hot anger is no excuse for poor attention to details. Bad spelling is only acceptable when the Lolcats do it, because they’re so damned precious.


2 Responses to Teabonics.

  1. Kindralas says:

    While I think all of those people are stupid, and I laughed at most of them, I don’t know that it’s representative of the movement as a whole. I’m sure there’s misspelled signs at Democratic rallies as well.

    But, if you want to know exactly what’s going on here, then do some digging into the ACORN story. In short, some snot-nosed brat decided he wanted to make them look bad, so he came up with a plan to videotape them giving advice to a pimp and prostitute.

    He then put this videotape out there, Fox News blew it up, Congress believed it and cut their funding.

    However, the tapes were edited. Dramatically. When the full footage came out, it shows a very different story, such as a man “offering advice to smuggle underage prostitutes from Mexico into the US” who, in actuality, was asking, repeatedly about when they wanted to do it and where, as well as for phone numbers and addresses. Shortly after the time of their visit to this ACORN office, the Feds got a call from that employee giving them all the information he had just learned.

    My issue isn’t in spelling, or even some of the beliefs espoused. I can understand the outrage. What gets to me is the complete refusal to actually look at fact, and base judgments off of that, and not what they’re being fed by whatever completely whacked out information stream they’re sucking from.

    I had an argument today with a fare who said the health care bill was socialist. I told him that it wasn’t, that its closest comparison is to Mitt Romney’s law in Massachusetts. And despite a fairly calm and orderly discussion on the topic, he still refused to listen to fact.

    That is what scares me now. The roots of a successful democratic process are in an informed public. The fact that people believe these lies is terrifying.

  2. Tim says:

    Not that I’m a Tea Partier by any means, but that sign looks photoshopped to me. Spacing’s off, inconsistency in lettering… Clever, but I suspect it might be tampered with :-)

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