What do TV directors do?

Nice article describing the relationship between writers and directors on TV shows. Looks like TV directors don’t get near enough credit for creating the style and the look of the shows you watch.

But on ambitious TV shows—an ever growing category—directors are far more than just baby sitters who tell the actors where to stand. Directors help to establish a visual language for individual episodes and for series as a whole. They’re responsible for choosing camera positions and drawing out performances from actors. Bender describes his role as cooking a meal from a recipe the writers have provided.

It’s amazing how creative and stylistic these TV directors can be considering their short schedules. Movie directors get their names above the credits. On TV shows, it’s the writers or show runners who get all the press. It’s time to give TV directors their due. Look and feel are important to differentiate between shows. That’s what makes NCIS fun and CSI dull. It’s also one of the many reasons Lost is so compelling.


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