2 thoughts on “The customer is not always right.”

  1. This particular phrase is the single leading cause of the worst part of working in customer service, which is to say, customers who think they’re always right. I had a customer today who, after I installed their dish, ran a tricky line, and was beginning to hook up their receiver, they said “so that will let me record, right?” Considering it wasn’t a DVR, I said “no.” I explained that I would be happy to go and get them one if they called DirecTV and changed the order. The customer blithely told me that since the order was wrong, she shouldn’t have to, and that I should have one with me. At that point, I pretty much decided then and there that she wasn’t getting a DVR from me today. And when I left her home, she gave me a 20 dollar tip for my efforts.

    I have a long, long list of people, customers and bosses, who can attest to my skills as a customer service representative, in a variety of situations. I don’t need some half-assed middle manager telling me “the customer is always right” in order for me to make the people I interact with appreciate the service they get.

    In my experience, the customer rarely knows what he or she wants, let alone is he or she right.


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